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The Juwels of the Epirus

Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. Traveling is more than seeing the sights; it is a change that runs deeply and permanently in the ideas of life…

We arrange Day Trips, Excursions and Entertainment with a private tour guide.

1. North Epirus Day Trip

Parga | Anthousa | Tricofor | Agia | Sarakiniko | Karevostasi | Arilla | Perdeka

our best seller…..a must have seen!..3 villages connected by the Ali Pasha Castle in a wonderful environment!

  • Pick-Up – Lunch/Dinner voucher are included – Private Tour guide

2. Fanari Area Day Trip | Acheron River, Necromantian, Paraskevi, Gliki, Amoudia

Acheron River | Necromantian | Paraskevi | Gliki | Amoudia

a mythical story, a tangible powerfull healing energy, a Magical area, EU Pamsar protectec Swamps…

  • Pick-Up – Lunch/Dinner voucher are included – Private Tour guide

3. Meteora World wonders 2 Days Trip

Zagori | World wonders of the Meteora Monastirs

The wonders of the world, interesting, breath-taking, educative and amazing…

  • Pick-Up – Lunch/Dinner voucher are included – Private Tour guide

4. Paxos | Anti Paxos The Islands of Poseidon

Paxos | Anti Paxos by Boat | Discover the wonderfull Islands of Poseidon

THe Islands of Poseidon…breathtaking beautiful, discovering, relaxing, swimming…on the Ionian sea!

  • Pick-Up – Lunch/Dinner voucher are included – Private Tour guide

Action | Adventure | Discovery

Micro Airplane Roundtrip, Helicopter roundtrip, Discovery by Car, Motor biking, Moped Rentals, Bicycle tours, Boat Trips in Group, Sailing, Sea Fishing, Sailing, Diving, Snorkling,Parachute Glyding by Boat, Water Skiing, Wind Surfing, Rafting, Kayaking,Paddling by board, Swimming, Relax Floating, Sea Water Biking, Discovery Walkings, Hiking, Horseback Riding Mountain Tours, Horsback Riding by Sunset on the beach, Jogging, Relax on the Beach by Sunset


Celaborations | Party Time!

Boat Party | Beach Barbecues | Beach Party

Weddings | Ceremonies

“love awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, it plants a fire in our heart and brings peace to our mind”…

celebrate Your most beautiful day in one of our dreamlike place!


Spa, Wellness, Beauty, Health care, Hamman, Relax, Massage

Try the typical Ancient Greek Spa Wellness and Beauty treatments

ancient Greek treatments with nature products, oils, herbs, flowers, beewax, honey…


Meditation, ZEN Walk, Spirituality, Energetic Healing, Mental Healing

Relaxing, Mental Health treatments, Greek Spirituality and Astrology

meditations | holistic events | greek astrology eon – ouranus – caelus | tarot | full moon rituals…

Things To Do! Workshops | Creativity | Manual dexterity

Workshop Cooking Traditional Greek Dishes, Workshop Pencil Drawings, Workshop Greek Ceramics, Workshop Greek Juwels

A Workshop always mean a great atmosphere, working, smell of wood, the materials and at the end of the day you have created something what you couldn’t imagine!


Pet Care, Pet sitting, Veterinary info

We are also here!… Never Leave your Pet behind, call for Pet Care or Pet sitting

Pet sitting, veterinary info, pet shop, pet beautycare, Never leave your pet behind…

Holiday Memories

Traditional Greek Souvenirs and Products

Hand Made Original Greek Memory Items


A Traditional Greek Culinair Gastronomic dinner in the Epirus

Taste and Enjoy the fine herbs of life in one of the best selected Restaurants in the region. Greek Culinair Gastronomy at the highest level!

our toppers



choose for the best!

A traveler has no set plan as has no intention of arriving on a destination and when his journey comes to an end, it’s the journey that matters…

This is what our customers will tell you:

September 2023, Saturday, we did an excursion with Agiainfo: it was an interesting and nice experience, due to our personal guide Vangelius. We visited the Acheron river and several ancient cities as Necromentaia and Amoudia. It was a very personal excursion because Vangelius did ask several times what we would like to do. And he knows a lot about myths and history. We highly recommend this organization and would like to thank Vangelius and Berlinda for this memorable day. Thanks and greetings, Anne-Marie en Hans

September 2023, Tour Guide Vangelius certainly did a good job!! The last town was a bit less, but that was because everything was closed because many people were killed there 80 years ago. Then he took us to a church which was so special. Very nice man who explained a lot. Thank you Berlinda! I will definitely pass on your name if anyone goes to Parga. Great that you switched so quickly. Have a nice evening 🌺 We had a beautiful day!! Karin, Els, Ria

Great things are on the Horizon!

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