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Day Trip 01 | Agia | Village, Culture, Culinair Enjoy

AGIA | Village Walking tour, Culture and Culinair Enjoy.

Agia, the small village in the mountain, 7 km from Parga, with the narrow streets and the little monumentals. The most Pitoresk Village of the Epirus. The smallest village with a Story and an Ancient Mystical history….

AgiaInfo.grDay Trip Anthousa 02 | Nature, Culture, Culinair

Day Trip 02 | Anthousa | Culture, Culinair

Anthousa | Walking through the Nature to PargaA beautiful walking trip of 3.7 kilometer through the Nature with excellent views over the Ionian Sea.

From Anthousa to Parga. In Anthousa you will meet your tour guide during a welcome drink. Together you will visit the Ali Pashia Castle in Anthousa by taxi….

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Day Trip 03 | Perdika, Arilla, Karavostasi

Karavostasi | Perdika | Sivota Roundtrip by Car.
A road trip by car from Karavostasi to Perdika and Sivota. Through a beautiful nature area with winding roads to Karavostasi where you arrive at a beautiful beach. Here you can enjoy a lovely walk on the beautiful wide beach and swim in the crystal clear cobalt blue sea water.

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Day Trip 05 | Acheron River – Necromanteion – Amoudia

A journey to the mythical river Acheron. Located between the mountain gorges with clear clean water and surrounded by beautiful nature. The powerful magical energy is tangible. During there are many beautiful views to see as you will pass the oasis of swamps around Amoudia….

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Day Trip 06 | Paramythia – Gliki – Necromanteion – Acheron Gorges

Acheron Gorge | Gliki | Paramythia | Zagori
A Roundtrip by car together with a tour guide, in the Area of the Acheron River to the small villages Gliki, Paramythia, Zagori. During the trip you will visit the Waterspring, the Water Mill, the mysterious small Villages. The trip goes through wild, romantic untouched Nature with many intersting sights as the Gorge of Acheron, the Famous Voidomatis bridge, Monastirs and special Taverns and Restaurants.

AgiaInfo.grDay Trip 10 | Boat Trips - Boat Parties Day Trips | Events | Parties

Day Trip 10 | Boat Trips – Boat Parties

A Day on the Boat over the Ionian Sea. Or your own Private Party on the Boat! In Group or in Private with your Family or Friends. A Romantic boat …

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