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Healing magical power places

The Pindos environment here in Epirus with its untouched nature has a magical powerful energy with a healing effect. There are some places where these magical powers are tangible. Where the medicinal Healthy herbs and the mountain teas are growing and coming from. It is very interesting to visit these places. Especially for people with lethargy, depression or low energy or negativities.

Spiritual and Magical energetic forces are tangible. We work with local specialists who provide short therapeutic healings. Contact us for information.

For centuries, the Greeks have made a connection between fate and events and the position of the heavenly bodies.

Greek Methology and Astrology

In Ancient Greece, people were already concerned with the connection between the movements of the sun, moon and planets and events on earth. The Greek word is αστρολογια which literally translated means astrologia. The word αστρολογια is a combination of the Greek words άστρον and λογος. The Greek word άστρον Astron means star or and λογος logos means reason and χοροσκοπός Choroskopos means choreographer. Together it means Horoscope, the theory of the stars. Hellenistic astrology refers to the astrological tradition that developed in the Mediterranean region, whose Greek texts date from the 2nd and early 1st centuries BC. The tradition with this type of astrology continued long after the Hellenistic period and as practiced here in Greece until now is still called Hellenistic.

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