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A Roundtrip by car together with a tour guide, in the Area of the Acheron River to the small villages Gliki, Paramythia, Zagori. During the trip you will visit the Waterspring, the Water Mill, the mysterious small Villages. The trip goes through wild, romantic untouched Nature with many intersting sights as the Gorge of Acheron, the Famous Voidomatis bridge, Monastirs and special Taverns and Restaurants.

In this area are Herbs growing in wildness. Everywhere you can buy fresh Herbs and Tea.

Gliki, the village at the foot of the Acheron gorge surrounded by a wild romantic nature. Gliki owes its name to Andonatos. The Saint who slew the Dragon who, according to ancient legends, lived in the gorge of the Acheron…

The dragon would poison the river water so that anyone who drank from it had to die. Villagers sacrificed a virgin every year to please the dragon so that they could drink from the river.
The dragon was then slain by Andonatos, whose deed made him a saint and he became known as Agios Donatos from then on. He made the water of the Acheron sweet and drinkable again and the village at the foot of the Acheron gorge was named Gliki (sweet).
From the edge of the village begins the path that crosses the famous gorge of the Acherontas. The gorge leads to the dragon’s cave, a huge opening in a sheer cliff from which water flows.



  • Taxi pick up from Hotel
  • Tour to Acheron and Amoudia
  • Voucher for traditional dinner € 10,00 per person
  • Tourguide
  • Booking

€ 125,00 for one single person

€ 245,00 for two person

Prices for a Group is on Requiry.

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