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A beautiful walking trip of 3.7 kilometer from Anthousa to Parga. Through the Nature with excellent views over the Ionian Sea with the Castle of Parga and viewing of the monumental features and The Castle of Anthousa.

On the walking route you will pass the Water Mill Museum and the Virgin Maria Monastir. The tour will pass the Valtos Beach and will end in Parga Centrum. A home made Pizza is waiting for you at Oskar Pizzeria on the Harbour of Parga.


Your Tour Guide will pick you up from the Hotel Location and will show you the excellent Castle of Anthousa. In Anthousa you will have welcome drink in the local Tavern before you start your walking trip.

During the coffee break you will get a lot of information about Anthousa. Together with the tour guide you will start the walking tour what passes to the Virgin Maria Monastir and the Water Mill monument, with it’s small Museum what shows not only milling faciliies but also folklore tools, subjects and clothes and next to the museum with the Mylos Cafe-bar. During the walk your tourguide will tell you all about the environment.

This trip goes through the Nature over small paved roads, easy to walk and is possible to make by wheelchair or rollator. The views are miraculous and beautiful.

At the end of the Tour you can enjoy a House Made Pizza at Oskars Pizzeria in Parga Centrum.


  • Taxi pick up from Hotel
  • Taxi to Castle of Anthousa
  • Voucher for the welcome coffee € 5,00 per person
  • Voucher for Home made Pizza – dinner € 10,00 per person
  • Tourguide
  • Booking

€ 95,00 for one single person.

€ 180,00 for two person.

€ 270,00 for three person.

Children until 12 year are for free.

Children until 18 years 35,00 € per person.

Price for a Group is on requiry.

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