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Agia | Coffee House Tavern “DI Portes”

Coffee HOUSE:

Coffee House Tavern “DiPortes” is a Traditional coozy coffee house in Agia to be found on a location with an excellent view over the Village, the Nature, the Ionian Sea and the Castle of Anthousa. Here is the place where the Top Quality Sweet Delicacies are home made for the entire region. A place where you HAVE to be! Relaxing, the Best Coffee, with a Sweet Delicacy. A true delight! And…..there is a Shop!


In the evening, the most delicious Italian Pizzas and Pastas are made in the Tavern. Home made Pizzas and Pastas. Delicious meals, enjoying the Traditional Local Drinks.
Taste their Wines! The wines are own manufacture and are for sale by the bottle.

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