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Day Trip 1. Agia, Anthousa, Sivota


1.Agia, Anthousa, Trycofor, Karavostasi, Arilla, Sivota, Perdika. € 125,00 per person. Inclusive Tour Guide with Car, voucher € 5,00 Coffee, voucher € 10,00 Dinner. Group price on inquiry. Children: until 12 years free of charge. 12-18 years € 35,00 per child and inclusive voucher € 5,00 


Agia and Anthousa the small villages in the mountain, connected with eachother by Ali Pasha Castle. The villages with the narrow streets and the little monumentals. The most Pitoresk Village of the Epirus. The villages with an Ancient Mysterious history and a Story. Surrounded with untouched Nature, Olive groves and the Ionian Sea. Villages where life is lived and the Greek Traditions still exist. Agia where you find Artist and Book writers, Singers and Dancers, the villages where the Events take place. Your tour guide will tell you a lot about the Myths and legends as the Mysticim history with the stories about these villages with their misterious magical power. The tour is partly walking and partly by car. Excursions to the Castle, the Monastirs, Windmill, Museum, the Bio Pasta and Olive Oil Fabrics and the Coffee House. Visiting the excellent Sarakinko Beach where Beach barbecues can be arranged. Traditional Top Quality Restaurants and Cozy Taverns where you can enjoy the local drinks and wines and enjoy the wonderful view of the surroundings, the sea with the view over The Castle Ali Pashia….like in a fairytale. During the Coffee break you can taste the Home made traditional delicasies in the Coffee House. At the end of the tour your Tour Guide will bring you to one of our local Traditional Top Restaurants where you will enjoy a special dinner in an idillic environment with an excellent view over the Nature and the Ionian Sea to watch the sunset over the Ali Pasha Castle.

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