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1. Stress Relief ZEN


1-Stress Relief programm – 1 1/2 hour. ZEN walk through the Nature and over Beaches. ZEN Meditation and Ritual.


  • 1-Stress Relief programm what take around 1 1/2 hour confirming ZEN. A ZEN walk through the Nature and over the Beaches. A ZEN Meditation and a ZEN Ritual with Herbs and Fire on a quiet Beach. Together with a ZEN Master.  1  1/2 hour  € 45,00 per person, maxumum 4 person.


  • 2-Stress Relief – Healing programm what take around 2 hours. A ZEN walk thourgh the Nature and over the Beaches. A ZEN Meditation and a ZEN Ritual with Herbs and Fire and finilizing with a Hamman Zen stress relief massage  around 2 hours  € 65,00 per person,  maxumum 4 person.


  • 3-Full Moon Fire Ritual, done with Herbs, what is among the most powerful spiritual practices because it invites the burning of the ignorance, delusions, obstacles that keep us from knowing our own divinity. The Full Moon Fire Ritual is intended for healing and highlighting important issues and negative patterns in our life, rites of passage and letting go. We make fire and burn, we let go and make new connections. The energy is very high during the full moon. In combination with the energy of this environment, is it palpable. At the end of the Ritual we drink together.  Maximum 6 person per group.  2 1/2  Hours.  €  55,00 per person, maxium 6 person.


  • 4-Individual, Pure Healing Ritual, with fire and Natural Herbs, Cristals and Sand, a ZEN Meditation and a Tarot Reading.  1 1/2 hour  € 55,00


  • 5-Individual, consult for Greek Tarot Reading – 45 Minutes  €  35,00


  • 6-Individual, consult for Greek Hellenistic Atrology – Horoscoop – 1 hour  €  45,00


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