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  • 3. Zagori, Meteora Monastirs

    3. Zagori, Meteora Monastirs

    Discovery, breath taking viewings, intersting, educational Zagori is an area in North-Western Epirus, the Pindus Mountains. The area is approximately 1,000 M2 kilometers with 45 characteristic villages, characterized by their traditional architecture and building style. The villages are very difficult to reach due to the mountainous terrain; this ensured safety. Ancient Greek is still spoken…

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  • 3. Acheron River a.e.

    3. Acheron River a.e.

    Acheron River, Necromantian, Paramythia, Gliki, Amoudia A very interesting route, what will remain in your memory… A journey to the mythical river Acheron. Located between the mountain gorges with clear clean water and surrounded by beautiful nature. The powerful magical energy is tangible. During there are many beautiful views to see as you will pass…

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  • 1. Agia, Anthousa

    1. Agia, Anthousa

    Our Best Seller!….a must have seen! Two villages in the Mountains, connected by the Ali Pasha Castle. The Castle with a Story, where the battles were fought. The villages with the narrow streets and the little monumentals. The most Pitoresk Villages of the Epirus. The smallest villages with an Ancient Mysterious history and a Story.…

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