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Overview Page for Day Trips to:

Agia | Anthousa | Karavostasi | Perdika | Arilla | Sivota | Acheron | Amoudia | Gliki | Necromanteion | Paramythia | Zachori.

Short Walking routes and Trips by car through the fascinating Epirus with the little villages with Monumentals, Churches, special Places and breath taking Viewings. The Pindos with it’s untouched Nature and Wildlife. The Olive Yards, the smell of the Herbs and the wild growing beautiful Flowers. The Ionian Sea with the clear cobalt blue water and beautiful white sandy beaches.

We work with Local Tourist guides. Well educated and experienced as will be your Personal assistant when some help is needed, or if you are alone or dealing with a disability. Our guides know the most beautiful places and will tell you about the Cultural Traditions, the Mythes and Legends what are behind the misteries of this magical area.

Our day trips are completed in one of the local top restaurants with culinary enjoyment of a traditional dinner and tasting of local drinks and wines.

“We are specialists in arranging Wonderul Days that will remain in your Memory for a very Long Time…”

Overview Day Trips:

AGIA | Walking Trip | Excursions | Culinair Enjoy

Agia, the small village in the mountain, 7 km from Parga, with the narrow streets and the little monumentals. The Bio Pasta Fabric, The Coffee House, The Olive Factories, The excellent Sea views and Nature. Traditional Culinair Top Restaurants and The Event ART CAFE. A picturesque village with an ancient Mystical history and a story….

ANTHOUSA | Walking through the Nature

By car your go for viewing The Castle. And after your walking route start in Anthousa center. On the route you will pass the Water Mill with Museum and the Virgin Maria Monastir. The tour will pass the Valtos Beach and will end in Parga Centrum. A home made Pizza is waiting for you at Oskar Pizzeria on the Harbour of Parga.

Perdika | Karavostasi | Arilla

A trip by car to Perdika, Karavostasi and Arilla. Through a beautiful nature area with winding roads. Nature, beautiful beaches, breath taking viewings and a coozy village with specialities. Here you can enjoy a lovely walk on the beautiful wide beach, a picknick or a beach barbecue belong to the opportunities. A swim in the crystal clear cobalt blue sea. At the end of the day Culinair Enjoy in Perdeka.

SIVOTA Round trip by Car

To Sivota by car, through the beautiful nature reserve with the breath taking viewings, to the fashionable town Sivota. The High Society place of the Epirus. On the route here you will pass the village Perdika where you take a coffee break on a special view point. Time for a short boat trip and an excellent Dinner in Sivota.


A trip by car to the mythical river Acheron. Located between the mountain gorges. The powerful magical energy is tangible. You will pass the Necromanteion and the oasis of swamps around Amoudia as you will view many beautiful places….


A trip by car to the Misterious villages around the Acheron River. Gliki, Necormanteion, Amoudia. You will visit the Waterspring, the Water Mill, the small Villages. The trip goes through wild, romantic untouched Nature with many special places and viewings……

Excursies van Parga Municipality | Trip Advisor | Corendon

Excursies van Parga Municipality | Trip Advisor | Corendon

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