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3.Info Day Trip Meteora Monastirs

Discovery, breath taking viewings, interesting, educational…

2 Days Trip

You will visit the Oldest Place of the World, Unesco registerd as one of the World Heritages 1988. A World Wonder.

Zagori is an area in North-Western Epirus, the Pindus Mountains. The area is approximately 1,000 M2 kilometers with 45 characteristic villages, characterized by their traditional architecture and building style. The villages are very difficult to reach due to the mountainous terrain; this ensured safety. Ancient Greek is still spoken in this area by some ancient residents. The Zagori region is known for its dozens of centuries-old stone arch bridges. A bell hangs on the bridges, which will ring as a warning of unsafe conditions. Of the many gorges in Zagori, the Vikos gorge is the largest. This impressive gorge starts between the villages of Monodendri and Koukouli and ends at the village of Vikos.

The Oldest Wonders of the World. The Holy Monastery is the oldest and largest of the monasteries of Meteora. The monastery is built just before the 14th century by a monk from Mount Athos named Saint Athanasios the Meteorite. He started building a church dedicated to the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary. Later he added small cells so that monks could live on top of the rock formations. The second name of the monastery is The Holy Monastir of the Transformation. It is the largest of all monasteries and has a special layout of buildings. The katholikon is dedicated to the transfiguration of Jesus. The hermitage of the first founder of the monastery is a small building in the rocks. The hestia (kitchen) is built in a dome shape. There is a hospital, with the famous roof of the ground floor made of brick and supported by four columns. The three ancient churches are: the Chapel of St. John the Baptist, the Chapel of St. Constantine and Helena, and the Chapel of the Virgin Mary.

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