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2. Info Day Trip Fanari Region

Acheron River, Necromantian, Paramythia, Gliki, Amoudia

A journey to the mythical river Acheron. Located between the mountain gorges with clear clean cristal water and surrounded with untouched Nature. The Villages where the stories started, where the history is coming from… interesting! The powerful magical energy is tangible. During the trip, there are many beautiful views to see as you will pass the oasis of swamps around Amoudia. Necormanteion Museum, Paramythia, Gliki and Amoudia, include places you will visit!

The Acheron River in mythology.

Acheron was known as the “river of woe”, the “river of pain” or the “river of lost souls” and was one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld. In the Homeric poems the Acheron was described as a river of Hades, into which Cocytus and Phlegethon both flowed. The Roman poet Virgil called the Acheron the most important river of Tartarus, from which both the Styx and the Cocytus emerged. The new dead would be transported by Charon across the Acheron to enter the underworld.
Acheron is said to be among the best known of the five rivers of the underworld, the Styx, Lethe, Archeron, Phlegethon and Cocytus.
Only if a Virgin was sacrificed annually in Gliki would one be absolved and protected from the curse of horror.
Cursed in the body of a human, Acheron spent a lifetime in shame. But the strongest steel is forged from the fires of hell… Acheron’s human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that nearly destroyed the earth. When he was brought back against his will, he became humanity’s sole defender. The kingdom of Hades features meadows, asphodel flowers, fruit trees, and other geographical features. The surroundings changed into a beautiful lush green environment. With flowers and a rich plant life and with all the healing herbs and mountains of teas that can be found.
In the present, the Acheron River is visited for its Mystical, Mysterious Magical Power. An energy that is tangible and has a healing effect. The Acheron is visited by people who are ill or suffering from negative stress or depression in hope of healing through the power of the Acheron River. Spiritual groups visit the Acheron River for the Mysterious Positive Magical Powers.

The best Fresh and Healthy Herbs are coming from this Acheron aerea of The Epirus.

The Nekromanteion Legend. 

The Nekromanteion was an ancient Greek temple of necromancy devoted to Hades and Persephone. According to tradition, it was located on the banks of the Acheron river in Epirus, near the ancient city of Ephyra. This site was believed by devotees to be the door to Hades, the realm of the dead. The site is at the meeting point of the Acheron, Pyriphlegethon and Cocytus rivers, believed to flow through and water the kingdom of Hades. The meaning of the names of the rivers has been interpreted to be “joyless”, “burning coals” and “lament”, respectively. The word Necromanteion means “Oracle of the Dead”, and the believers came here to talk to their deceased ancestors. Other ancient temples, as the Temple of Poseidon at Taenaron and Argolis, Cumae and Herakleia at Pontos, are known to have housed oracles of the dead, the Necromanteion of Ephyra being the most important. It belonged to the Thesprotians, the local Greek tribe of Epirot. According to Herodotus’s account, it was to the Necromanteion that Periander, the 6th-century BC tyrant of Corinth, sent legates to ask questions of his late wife, Melissa. In Homer’s Odyssey, the Necromanteion was also described as the entrance through which Odysseus made his katabasis. In ancient times, Acheron was believed to be the river crossed by the “soul-bearer” Hermes, according to ancient Greek mythology, who brought the souls of the dead to Charon to end up in the kingdom of Hades. Each soul that passed through Charon’s ferry had to donate an obol for transportation. The return journey is through the Oasis Swamps area.The Amvrakikos swamp around Amoudia is located between the mouths of the rivers Louros and Arachthos, which is one of the most important areas in Europe and is protected by the Pamsar Convention and has an open connection with the Ionian Sea. Amoudia is a fishing village where the fishermen land their fish straight out of the sea. Amoudia has a beautiful beach and a very cozy harbor with taverns and hangars where delicious fresh fish can be eaten under the hangar, an absolue culinair delight in a special environment.

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