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1. Info Day Trip North Epirus

Agia | Trycofor | Anthousa | Sarakiniko | Karavostasi | Arilla | Perdika

Three small villages, in the Mountains, connected by the Ali Pasha Castle. Agia, Trycofor and Anthousa. The Castle with a Story, where the battles were fought. The villages with the narrow streets and the little monumentals. The most Pitoresk Villages of the Epirus. The smallest villages with an Ancient Mysterious history and a story. Sturdily and Fine at the maintime. Surrounded with untouched Nature with Wildlife animals, Olive groves and the Ionian Sea. Villages where life is lived and the Greek Traditions still exist. Here you will find hard Working Heroes, Farmers, Artists and Book writers, Singers and Dancers. The Villages where the Events take place…a place to be!

Your personal Tour Guide will tell you a lot about the history of the villages, about their mythism, legends and misterious background. As their usages and origin and thoughts point out. Very special!

The tour is partly walking and partly by car.

Excursions to the Castle, Monastirs, Historic Monuments, Museum, the Bio Pasta and Olive Oil Fabrics and the Coffee House.

During the Coffee break you will taste the Home Made traditional Delicasies at this place.

“Ali Pasha was born into a Muslim family. Regardless, the struggle for power and the political turmoils within the empire required for him to support non-Muslim or heterodox priests, beliefs, and orders, and especially the Greek Orthodox population which formed the majority of the population in the region he ruled”.

You will be amazed by the beauty of the coastline!…and see the beautiful Nature and endless wonderful viewings over the cristal clear blue Ionian Sea with it’s abundant beaches…

…the tour will go through Sarakiniko, Karavostasi, Arilla and Perdika. At the end of your tour a gastronomic restaurant will be mentioned for a Traditional Greek culinair enjoy. And while you are tasting these fine herbs of live with the best local Wines and Brandies, on this special sultry summer evening you can enjoy the viewing with the sunset that will color the surroundings of the castle and the Ionian sea…like in a fairtale.

We love our Village and we would like to meet you; welcome! …enjoy a drink with us!

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