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About Us

Welcome in Greece, in this wonderful area in our villages Agia | Parga the Jewels of The Epirus.

Agia | Parga Info is a tourist information and booking agency. We provide you with information about the area, excursions, day trips, activities, entertainment as we arrange your booking.

We organize Events and your personal parties on the beach or on the boat completely and fully taken care of.

Our Day Trips and Excursions are organized with a Private Local Tour Guide and Car. Together with your Tour Guide you will visit the most beautiful places and they will tell you everything about this special Epirus area. You will get to know the area in a different way as it will be a very special discovery.

Trips for everyone, single person, couples, families, older people or people with a disability, we arrange assistance when needed.

A Private Tour Guide | Historian | Mythologist

We work with Tour Guides who are Historians and how know everything about this Epirus area with its hidden places and sights. They will tell you a lot about the historical background and the regional Myths and Legends what makes it even more interesting. Fascinating trips, beautiful places, impressive sights and the best Traditional gastronomic restaurants to enjoy an excellent dinner by sunset.

For bigger groups we work in coorporation with our collegues Tourist Agencies.

Extra Services | Assistance | Pets

For people with a disablity or older people we arrange special assistance. Call us when you need some help.

We have a pet care service and take care over your animal when you like to enjoy your Day Trip, Event or being occupied.

Happiness | Satisfaction | Fulfillment

Enjoy one of the amazing Life Music Events in one of the Local Top Entertainment places. Life Music by best Greek Singers and Orchestras. Dancing on the Roof Terras or on the Street Square with music that echoes through the valleys. Conviviality, impressive and a compelling atmosphere. Everything while enjoying it, a barbecue or plenty of delicious food to eat will be available. Very amazing!

Fun | Enjoy | Pleasure

Our arrangements for Private Parties and Beach Barbecues are complete and fully taken care of as Tailor made on your requiries. The location or beach is perfectly organized and brought into style. Barbecues are fully catered for. The number of people is discussed in advance and meat, fish and food are chosen as the best and prepared with care. Drinks are provided. Life Music can be arranged. Beach Parties and Barbecues need to be discussed and ordered in advance and are subject to supervision and security.

Mental Health | Wellness | Beauty

We arrange special beauty treatments. Confirming of Ancient Greek methods and products. Take care of mental health during your vacation through different types of wellness threats and massages. For relaxation and stress-relieving, but also for vitalizing and uplifting as well.
Muscle massages for back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet.
Head massages according to the pressure point method.

Hamman therapy, Spa Wellness Treatments and Beauty Care.

Try, relax, enjoy… and let go!… to return reborn, satisfied, in harmony and inner peace.

Meditation | ZEN | Spirituality

Greece the country with a rich History, each region having its Myths and Sages as with the world famous well-known Gods. The country of the Magical energies, healing powers, spirituality with powerfull herbs and special stones. The beautiful medicinal rivers between the sturdy mountains for healing baths. Mental healing, discharge and relaxation. Spiritual development. Enjoy a Meditation or a ZEN walk. Try a Greek Astrology or Tarot.

Why Choose Us!

We are concentrated on Customer Service and Satisfaction with Happiness and Fulfillment, because, you deserve it!…as we like to see you back again.

Enjoy your Holiday in this Epirus Paradise

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