For a Dream Holiday what will remain in your memory for long time……

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3 Spiritual Mental Health programs. See Discription.

Booking: see discription


  • AgiaInfo.gr1-Stress Relief programm what take around 1 1/2 hour in the Morning or in the Evening.
    • Starting with Walking through the Nature and over the Beache. Meditation and Herb Rituals. Spiritual practicums with Tarot.
    • Duration: around 1 1/2 hour; price € 35,00 per person,small group with maximum 4 person. Booking


  • AgiaInfo.gr2-Spiritual Mental Healing program what take around 3  hours:
    • Walk through the Nature and over the Beach or River. Meditation. Herb Ritual. Spiritual activities with Tarot. Massage 1 hour:  stress relief 1/2 hour and constructive Energy 1/2 hour.
    • Duration around 3 hours € 125,00 per person.  Maximum 2 person.
    • Booking


  • AgiaInfo.gr3-Individual, consult for Greek Tarot Reading.
    • Duration: 1 hour € 50,00
    • Booking


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